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Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Now Available!! "NATURE'S HEAD" Composting toilet. A fully self contained, waterless, composting toilet. Perfect for use in boats, cabins, RV's, or anywhere you need a fully functioning toilet without the hassles or expense of installing a sewage system or holding tanks. While this unit is designed to run on 12 volts ( for the small internal fan) it can be set-up to be run in a completely powerless installation.

Now In Stock and Ready to Ship!!

Imagine a composting toilet that is user friendly, economical, & aesthetically pleasing.

The unique nature of the urine separating design means that it is waterless and  odor-free. It's compact design makes it easy to install in any application.

The perfect solution for RV's, boats, cabins, basements or trucks!!

Price: $925.00

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Nature's Head User's Guide

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